Planmaster Construction & Development Inc.

975-A Elgin Street W., Unit # 422

Cobourg, Ontario K9A 5J3

Tel. (905) 372 0682 Fax. (905) 372 7186


Plan Master Construction & Development Inc. is a fully integrated project management firm which provides the professional expertise to manage both land development and building construction projects from conception through to completion.

The focus of Plan Master is to provide the expertise and organizational structure required to efficiently coordinate and control projects while ensuring clients’ complete satisfaction.

With Plan Master, services may be contracted on either a comprehensive or supplementary basis. All services are customized to meet individual client requirements. Comprehensive services include all aspects of project management while supplementary services are designed to provide distinct management functions.

Plan Master Construction & Development Inc. specializes in the following management services:




At PlanMaster, our client’s complete satisfaction is always our foremost concern. We are management professionals, therefore our continued success depends on our ability to supply superior management services and maintain a reputation for excellence in this field.