Construction Management

Plan Master’s Construction Management services are offered as either a part of our complete project management or independently. Construction Management provides the specialized management required for the construction segment of a development project.

Plan Master, working as a member of the project management team, provides up-to-date construction techniques, conditions, and costs throughout design and construction. This enhances design and provides for the fluid integration of design and construction. The input of the construction manager’s expertise at the conceptual and design stage of the project significantly improves the efficiency of the project with respect to cost and time. In addition, certain portions of construction may begin prior to completion of the final working drawings, reducing the overall time required for a project while maintaining cost efficiency.

Construction Management may include the following activities :

Activities Image
  • Recommendations on Design Improvements, Construction Technology, Schedules, and Construction Economics
  • Generation and Evaluation of Design Alternatives with Reference to Effects Upon Costs and Schedules
  • Preliminary Budgets and Schedules
  • Pre-purchasing Critical Long Order Materials
  • Ensure That All Approvals, Permits and Licenses Required for the Construction of the Work Are Obtained
  • Advise on Insurance Requirements
  • Advise on the Method of Obtaining Contractors and Awarding Contracts
  • Draft and Administer Trade Contracts
  • Production of Final Budget and Schedule
  • Quality Control
  • Administration of Cash Flow and Cost Control
  • Administration of All Procedures Relating to the Construction and Completion of the Work Including Changes, Claims And Clearance Of Deficiencies
  • Conduct Inspections And, Upon Approval, Issue Certificates Of Completion
  • Ensure That “As-Built” Drawings, Maintenance Manuals, Operating Instructions, Etc., Are Property Completed And Handed Over To The Owner
  • Any Further Construction Related Services As Required By The Owner
  • Coordination and Direction of Construction Activities
  • Preparation of Reports to Provide Owner with Full Information on Progress of Work

With Plan Master as your Construction Manager you are assured that your project will be completed strictly in accordance with your design specifications, within budget, and on schedule.